Man Food Marvels

Whether whipping up a quick meal for yourself or rocking a sumptuous spread for the family, Club LT enlists the guidance of some great food bloggers to help you get the job done, and done well. Or medium with a nice sear.

The spirits of ‘76

Declare your independence the next time you’re in Philly, take some time out at City Tavern. It’s revolutionary!

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The ultimate ham, apple, and cheddar grilled cheese

I love taking classic items and kicking them up a notch (or three?). One of my favorites is a classic grilled ham and cheese. While there’s nothing wrong with throwing some random ham and cheese slices between pieces of bread and grilling it, we can do better! This archived blog post from shows how.

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Ten all-star, all-weather grilling tips

The outdoor grill is a shrine to meat eaters worldwide. Keep your hallowed shrine and grilling methods in prime form, no matter the weather. Your ribs and kabobs will love you for it.

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