Welcome to the Club

Craig Maltby, Club LT Community Manager

Welcome to Club LT, the community of men…and maybe some women as well…who are gathering to share stories, thoughts and ideas about life as a Lucky Tiger man.

I’m Craig Maltby, the Club LT community manager. I live in a suburb of Des Moines, Iowa. When I’m not writing or editing or hanging out at my favorite coffee places and coworking spaces, I’m going to movies with my wife and daughters, playing golf (or at least hitting some balls at the range), playing keyboard in a classic rock music duo (Federal Cheese is our name), following college football and basketball and trying to improve my cooking and grilling skills. And, taking care of my humble face with great Lucky Tiger grooming products.

Who is this Lucky Tiger guy? He’s an achiever, not a show horse. An honest working man who is building a life of enjoyment, family, hard work, pride and a bit of indulgence from time to time. He wants what’s real and what will last, not what’s faddish or fickle. He has problems, challenges, and failures along the way (who doesn’t?), but is always working to accomplish something; a home project, a great meal, a new job or promotion, a sports or outdoors conquest, a satisfying hobby, a new relationship. 

Club LT will speak to this man. And help him see new ideas and possibilities while reassuring him he’s on a good path and deserves life’s rewards, both big and small.

The Lucky Tiger man strives. The Lucky Tiger man has fun. The Lucky Tiger man endures.

Welcome to the club.