Lucky Tiger Date Night

by Daniel Garcia, for Club LT

Having regular date nights is very important in a relationship. It gives you time to talk about what’s going on in your lives. More importantly it allows you to improve on your friendship. I consider my spouse to be my best friend. I want to set aside a night just for her.

My wife and I have been married for 23 years. If you have been in a long-term relationship with your special someone, it’s easy to fall into a rut of not trying too hard to impress her. Remember when you first started dating and you would spend hours trying to figure out what to wear, picking out cologne and making sure you have a good shave. Getting “all cleaned up” just for her.

Even after all these years I still get all dressed up for our “date”. That means busting out the Lucky Tiger Liquid Cream Shave and getting all spiffed up. No one wants to snuggle up to stubble. You want to be soft and smooth for that special someone. I want to look good for her even if we are just hanging out at the house. My wife absolutely hates it when I don’t keep my beard nice and trimmed, so knowing that I try to make an extra effort to make sure my face is kissable when I lean in to put on the moves.

Blogger David Garcia spends a little extra time with some Lucky Tiger shave cream before his big date night with his best friend of 23 years, his wife.

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When we venture out for our date night, we like to go the movies. I always try to build in some time for just walking around the mall. We like to window shop. It’s kinda nice to just be able to stroll around the mall without having any specific place to be. Plus, I use this time to get gift ideas for birthdays and other holidays. When we get adventurous, we like to head down I-35 and take a weekend trip to Dallas. It’s kinda nice to get away every now and then.

Another thing you need to take into account when getting ready for your date night is smell. My wife is sensitive to smells. I can’t use anything that is too strong. That’s one of the reasons I love Lucky Tiger Liquid Cream Shave. The scent isn’t overpowering. It has a nice natural scent. Same for the Aftershave & Face Tonic.

So as you can see, there is more to date night than just going out. With the right planning and grooming, you make your date night a night to remember.

About Daniel Garcia
Daniel is a father, cook, and savvy shopper who loves to travel, play poker, and try new foods from around the world. He and his wife, Melissa, run a network of shopping, family, and travel websites including Consumer Queen from their office in Oklahoma City. Daniel, of course, is Consumer King!

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