Lucky Tiger for hair: Oh the feel (and smell)!

by Craig Maltby for Club LT

I got around to trying the Lucky Tiger 3 Purpose Hair Tonic. Officially, the 3 Purposes are: 1) grooming your hair; 2) stimulating your scalp 3) conditioning your hair.

I would add a 4th: It smells way cool. I almost want to slap some on my face as an aftershave, but that would be too weird. Besides, the Lucky Tiger Aftershave & Face Tonic serves that purpose.  

I’m at a stage in life where I kinda want to grow my hair long. Like maybe Bradley Cooper, only without the rest of his face and body. Maybe I want to do this to make up for years of looking the corporate part, with shorter hair and black socks.  

Problem is, my hair gets really frizzy when I start to grow it longer. Kinda like that guy you see at the gym trying to look like Bradly Cooper but looking more like Gene Simmons of KISS, only without the jet black hair dye.  

Even so, I thought I’d try some 3 Purpose and see what happens. What happens is the friz really subsides and the smoooooooth takes over. Only not greasy or heavy. 3 Purpose gives a light touch. You don’t need a whole lot. And the comb or brush just glides through your hair, like it’s saying “thank you for finally getting your ass civilized.” 

But….I came to the conclusion my head and face don’t match up with long hair really well. With my glasses and towering 5’9” height, I have no business thinking I’m Mr. Cooper or even Jeff Bridges. 

So I’m staying on the shorter side. And let me tell you, 3 Purpose (3P) does a bang-up job on short hair, too. It keeps the hair smooth and even, laying on the scalp just right; not fly-away frizzy and not plastered down like your physics-major roommate. And it stays that way all day.  

In fact, I would imagine 3P could help you out if you like the shorter but stylish, slightly tousled look. Good control but not at all pasty or waxy.  

I think it’s the best $10 you can spend on yourself. Much better than a used KISS CD. 

About Craig Maltby
Craig Maltby is the Club LT community manager. He lives and works in a suburb of Des Moines, Iowa. When not writing or editing, Craig goes to movies, plays golf (or at least hits balls at the range), and plays keyboard in a classic rock music duo. 

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