My second chance at a first impression

by Mike Satterfield, for Club LT

Grooming has always been important to me. My parents were very strict on what was and wasn’t ok for going out in public, so I have always been aware of how I look when I go out. When one of my first jobs as a car salesman required me to wear a shirt and tie every day, I got in the habit of making sure everything was as good as it could be, because those first impressions mattered so much in sales. 


But over the years as I developed my own business, started going on longer writing retreats, hustling to build my own company, and no longer having to wear a tie every day, grooming started to slide. I wasn’t sloppy or unkempt, I just wasn’t as focused on it as I had been before. Besides, as a content creator who takes pictures, I could hide behind the scenes.

That was until I started to be in front of the camera more and in front of crowds. With thousands of people watching my videos, following my brand, and me being tapped to speak at conventions and other events, I had to refocus my grooming routine and one of the most important parts of that was moisturizing my face.

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Years of motorcycles, convertibles, and general roughhousing meant I really needed to protect and replenish my skin, or at least what I had left.

Thankfully I had sunscreen, but while that might protect your skin from sun damage, it does little to remoisturize the skin. Traveling to different climates can also take a toll; so far this year I have been to seven states working on stories, from the warm, sun kissed beaches of Key West to the Rocky Mountains outside of Denver. That is why I started using a daily moisturizer to put back in what the sun and wind take out each day.

Most men use a shaving cream and maybe aftershave as part of their daily routine, however starting with a proper face wash and finishing with a moisturizer not only makes you look better, but makes you feel much better, too. Days when I have skipped a step, I can really feel it and I know it can affect my day. Believe me when I say that the confidence from feeling refreshed and your best can elevate your mood.

While there are many products out there, I prefer to use those with natural ingredients like Lucky Tiger. When I first started using Lucky Tiger’s face moisturizer, I loved the fact that it didn’t have an overpowering aroma, just a pleasant light scent and that it quickly absorbed into my skin without any leftover residue.

No matter if you are trying to look your best for a performance on stage or on camera, or just wanting to get a head start on keeping your skin looking its best, a proper skin care regimen should include a good moisturizer.

About Mike Satterfield
Mike Satterfield is an entrepreneur who loves cars, travel, fashion, and building businesses. In addition to running The Gentleman Racer, he also manages multiple fashion companies and is renovating a historic building in Texas that will soon serve as his photography studio and automotive shop for restoring classic cars.

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