My YouTube TV experience

by Craig Maltby for Club LT

I’ve never been infatuated with digital technology. Yeah, I think the evolution of the computer is cool. The Internet has changed the world, in revolutionarily good ways and really harmful and dangerous ways. But all in all, I don’t swoon over the latest phone or app.

HOWEVER….a couple autumns ago, I noticed YouTube was advertising a new service like crazy on World Series telecasts: YouTube TV. “What the heck is that,” I thought. I heard to pitch they were making. Low monthly fee ($40 at the time), live sports and local and national news, great program choices, HiDef picture. And you need no cable box or satellite dish to wire up and install. Just a wi-fi connection.

My daughter tried it first. She set herself up with YouTube TV. I watched it in action on her television. After that, I was all in. A month later, my wife and I were cancelling our satellite service.

The sign up process was really easy. Just have a Google account, sign in, and YouTube TV will take if from there. Here’s how to do it as I don’t need to repeat the steps Google lays out for  you.

You do need to either have a smart TV that accesses the streaming services built into it, such as Roku. Or, just buy an expensive Roku flash drive and plug it into your HDTV’s HDMI port.

The great thing, besides the programming offerings mentioned above, is that you can add any show or movie on YouTube TV to your library on your YouTube TV. An entire TV series or movie will then be placed in your library as it airs. All seasons, all episodes, all HiDef.  It’s like a super-duper DVR without needing the DVR box.

Another great thing: You can add up to six devices—no extra charge—to your $50-a month account. Other TVs, other devices and phones, you name it. And they can be anywhere in the world. My daughter in Seattle is on my account. So is my bedroom TV, my other daughter in Des Moines. And I still have the capacity for adding 2 more devices. Six accounts served for $50 a month. Not too shabby.

And the picture quality, to be honest, seems even clearer than my former HD sat service.

Like I said I don’t go gaga over tech. But YouTube TV has me reconsidering.

About Craig Maltby
Craig Maltby is the Club LT community manager. He lives and works in a suburb of Des Moines, Iowa. When not writing or editing, Craig goes to movies, plays golf (or at least hits balls at the range), and plays keyboard in a classic rock music duo. 

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