No after-thoughts about this after shave.

by Craig Maltby for Club LT

When I was growing up, I always tried my dad’s after shave. First it was Aqua Velva (yes, I started out old school), then he moved up to more stylish brands. Halston, Givenchy, Polo, etc.

They all smelled great, I thought. In fact they really came at you hard. One splash and man, you could smell it all over the place. I thought that’s how it was supposed to be. Super potent. Let ‘em know you’re in the house.

Now, I’ve discovered a different kind of concoction. Lucky Tiger After Shave and Face Tonic.

Lucky Tiger has an unconventional approach to this kind of product. Its After Shave and Face Tonic does not overwhelm you right out of the bottle. It has a subtle, engaging citrus-type scent. And its ingredients are completely unique compared to similar products. Two unique ones are:

  • Calendula – This is the oil of Calendula officinalis, commonly known as pot marigolds. The oil has topical health benefits, including soothing rashes and anti-inflammatory action. If you experience razor burn or sun irritation, calendula is your go-to.
  • Chamomile – Another flower-derived ingredient (a daisy-like flower), Chamomile has long been recognized as a multi-benefit agent, including use as a natural “soother” for skin applications.

And, of course, we all know about aloe vera, also found in After Shave and Face Tonic. A great protector and moisturizer.

And, as I can attest, this product goes on smooooooth and is easily absorbed in the skin. As with the Lucky Tiger Liquid Crème Shave, there’s no residue or stickiness. Proof that your skin LOVES natural, well formulated ingredients.

So go for it. You’ll have no afterthoughts about this after shave. Just smooth (and healthy) sailing.

About Craig Maltby
Craig Maltby is the Club LT community manager. He lives and works in a suburb of Des Moines, Iowa. When not writing or editing, Craig goes to movies, plays golf (or at least hits balls at the range), and plays keyboard in a classic rock music duo. 

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