The ultimate ham, apple, and cheddar grilled cheese

by James Hills, for Club LT

When you want the ultimate grilled cheese experience, it’s important to focus on the best ingredients available and that’s why this one stars Eckrich Black Forest Ham.

Deciding which ham to select for your sandwich

Here’s the hardest part of the recipe – deciding which ham you should use for the recipe. For this one, we chose two different types of ham from Eckrich to learn how ham can make a difference in the sandwich construction process.

The Eckrich Deli Meat line has a bunch of different varieties but we tested two of them – Eckrich Virginia Baked Ham and Eckrich Black Forest Ham. Both hams would taste great on the sandwich but I prefer the Eckrich Black Forest Ham since it has a darker skin from the dry curing, and is less sweet than the Eckrich Virginia Baked Ham, And, it has a smokier, authentic Black Forest flavor.

Also, compared to the Eckrich Virginia Baked Ham, the Eckrich Black Forest Ham was a round shape that I thought looked nicer in the sandwich when folded over.

Luckily, we have plenty left over after making the sandwiches so I used the Eckrich Virginia Baked Ham on top of a salad later that night. Check out Eckrich’s website for more great quick and easy recipes.

How to Make Your Ultimate Ham, Apple, and Cheddar Grilled Cheese

The key here is to keep it simple. Starting with the Eckrich Black Forest Ham, we’re going to focus on high-quality ingredients throughout the recipe so you can enjoy the process of making the meal as much as you will savor eating it.

Proportions here are for one sandwich, but it scales easily from one person to 10. If you want to make this recipe to serve 4, just multiply the recipe by 4, and remember basic sandwich math.


•  1 slice Eckrich Black Forest Ham, sliced thick

•  4 oz sharp cheddar cheese

•  1 Granny Smith apple

•  2-3/4” hand-cut slices from a sourdough bread boule

•  1:1 ratio of Dijon mustard to natural honey from the United States

•  Salted sweet cream butter as desired


1.  Slice the bread to about ¾ inch thick then cut that bread in half. (Adjust this step if you’ve selected a pre-sliced sourdough or one that is in a loaf instead of a boule.)

2.  Heat up a cast iron skillet and place butter in it.

3.  Once the skillet is hot, swirl the butter around so it fully coats the pan and then place two slices of bread in there.

4.  If you have hand-sliced bread where one side is larger than the other, make sure to place the big side down first since this will be the inside of your sandwich.

5.  Once the bread has soaked up some butter and has a nice toast to it, flip the bread over and layer apple slices and cheddar cheese slices on the bottom and top, with a piece of Eckrich Ham folded over in the middle. Spoon some of the honey Dijon sauce into the middle of the sandwich as well.

6.  Continue to grill the sandwich until cheese has begun to melt, and the ham and apples are hot. Add extra butter if you need it and make sure to flip the sandwich so that both sides are evenly grilled. (Lucky Tiger Tip: Use a combination of cooking tongs and spatula to avoid the sandwich falling apart! You may also want to use that spatula to press down so that all the flavors come together.)

7.  Once the sandwich is done cooking, then it’s ready to serve.

8.  You can use the remaining honey Dijon sauce for dipping as well as for apple slices that work great as a side dish.


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