What Is a Man Trip?

by James Hills for Club LT

For as long as there have been men, there has been a desire to go out and do fun masculine things with other guys. As society progressed beyond merely subsistence level and leisure time became available, these trips evolved into golf outings, hunting trips, and travel to sporting events to name just a few archetypal “man trip” scenarios.

The spectrum of what constitutes a man trip is extremely wide today. These trips can range from bible retreats where men discuss scripture to bacchanalic bachelor parties in Vegas, ala “The Hangover”. The common thread with all of these is that it’s an opportunity for modern men to go do something together and build strong bonds with other men through shared experience. These adventures work because while sex, work life, and societal obligations are important to our success as men – this is an opportunity to shed those limitations and restrictions in a safe environment where we as men can grow in other ways.

Ultimately, this ability to shed the societal expectations for a few days is the main draw of a man trip – no matter what it might be called. However, to have an awesome adventure you don’t need to think that deeply. Just plan something fun with guys you enjoy hanging out with and go “all in”

Top Man Trip Ideas That You Might Not Have Thought About

Fishing, hunting, golf, and sports trips are, of course, the essential guys getaways, but a man trip can be so much more. While they will be a way to explore your masculinity that doesn’t mean they have to be brutish or “guys behaving badly.” Here are a few of my favorite ways for guys to kick back and relax …

Alaska Cruise – Explore America’s last frontier while cruising in style, fishing, ATV riding, hiking, and ziplining during the day and enjoying cigars, wine, steak, and the stars at night.

Smoky Mountains Getaway – Take a break from modern life and rent a log cabin in the Smoky Mountains where you can kick back and relax in a rocking chair, hike, fish, and tour some moonshine distilleries.

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Guys Wine Getaway – Wineries can be found in all 50 states now but there are obviously some areas that are better than others. Don’t feel you need to be limited to the west coast though – North Carolina, Texas, Virginia, New York, Michigan, and Ohio all have great wine regions too. This is a great way to enjoy some fresh air, try new wine varietals, learn about agriculture, chemistry, and history, and enjoy some fabulous food too … all while exploring some of the most beautiful parts of the country.

Dude Ranch Adventure – You’ve probably seen City Slickers but what you might not know is that this is actually something you can do. Dude ranches today range from 5-star experiences to get down and dirty sleeping in the bunk house adventures. Pick one that matches your crew’s style and you’ll have memories to last a lifetime.

No matter what you decide to do, the important thing when planning a man trip is to make sure that you have the right men for the right mission. This is your chance to have some fun, do something unique and different, learn from older guys, teach the younger guys something new, and relieve some of that pressure that just can’t be expressed in mixed company during your daily lives.

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