You and your son will love Atlanta. Here’s why.

by James Hills, for Club LT

Atlanta is Georgia’s biggest city and the Atlanta metro is one of the USA’s most visited destinations. Take a look at the following and see if it doesn’t add up to a great father/son trip.

While in Atlanta, father and son can visit the Georgia Aquarium. It is the world’s largest aquarium. It also boasts a 10-million gallon play area for all kinds of marine animals including penguins, beluga whales, sharks, dolphins and more.

Another place to visit while in Atlanta is the Fernbank Museum of Natural History. Here, father and son can encounter a world of adventure filled with live animals, dinosaurs, and cultural artifacts. They can also go for walks exploring the outdoor adventures. Centennial Olympic Park is another place to visit while in Atlanta. It was built to be a meeting location for the Atlanta Olympic Games in 1996. It is a verdant oasis which serves both tourists and locals. It hosts several activities including concerts, charity walks, and more.

The Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Park is another place father and son can visit while in Atlanta. Construction for the site started in 1980 to celebrate the work of Dr. King. In 1982, the King Center was completed and dedicated. It houses the monument of Dr. King and many exhibits and historic sites highlighting the life and sacrifices of this civil rights icon.

Atlanta is home to many key major league teams and sporting events. Depending on when you visit Atlanta, you can cheer on the NFL’s Falcons, Hawks of the NBA, and MLB Braves. Plus Atlanta is home to the College Football Hall of Fame, one of my favorite hall of fame museums.

If you love Coke or have ever wondered what Coke might taste like in other countries, the World of Coca-Cola is the place to go. It’s the ultimate fan site plus there’s plenty of samples to taste here, too!

The Jimmy Carter Presidential Library is another great place to visit and spark conversations about current events and modern US history as you explore exhibits together. Highlights of the museum include a life-sized replica of the Oval Office, a walk-through cabin setting for the Camp David Meetings, and various artifacts and memorabilia from his time in office.

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Sometimes you just need to let loose and have fun. Leave politics, history, and current events behind as you swing and fly through the air on rides at Six Flags Over Georgia.

Last, but certainly not least … Stone Mountain is a bit of a controversial destination these days and that is unfortunate. In an era where we are working to erase symbols of Southern Civil War heroes, this park featuring a giant relief of Confederate President Jefferson Davis, and Generals Robert E. Lee and Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson, has become a controversial destination. My personal view is that this – like so many other things I’ve highlighted above – offers you a great opportunity to have a discussion with your son about race and civil rights history.

Help him understand the history of this country and why things are different today. This is an important part of being a dad and your son will look up to you and appreciate the opportunity to ask questions. Stone Mountain park is full of fun stuff to see and do including a spectacular laser show and the Summit Skyride where you can get a fantastic view of the surrounding land.

Once you’ve finished your day in Hot-lanta, sit back and relax and prepare for a great night out at any of the city’s hundreds of fabulous bars, restaurants and evening night spots. But before you go, make sure you look and smell great with a little Lucky Tiger’s Head to Tail Body Wash or Head to Tail Body Spray.

Then go out and enjoy the rest of the night, tiger.

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