Your face never had it so good

You’re a Lucky Tiger man. You know how to get stuff done. And you know there’s an easy way, a cheap way, a made-up, seat-of-the-pants way…..and a better way.

When it comes to taking care of your face—the single most visible and impression-making part of your appearance—we have the better way.


The Lucky Tiger®Essential Grooming Kit.

Lucky Tiger’s Essential Grooming Kit contains the four core products of the Lucky Tiger suite of men’s grooming products loaded with natural ingredients so you can look your best:

Face Wash
Liquid Cream Shave
After Shave and Face Tonic

It’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3 – 4
There’s a reason we list them in this order and market them as a package: They take your face through a fantastic voyage of set up, shave off, cool down, rejuvenate and hydrate.


Look like a million bucks for less than a Benjamin with Lucky Tiger.


1.)  The Face Wash sets the stage. The natural plant extracts and oils in Face Wash –cucumber, jojoba, aloe vera, borage oil – provide healthy hydration and cell renewal, treating your skin like royalty. Pour a good palm full, evenly lather onto the face, and feel your skin relax and your whiskers stand up. Rinse and your face is clean, primed and ready for the blade!

2.) Liquid Cream Shave goes on next. Squeeze a quarter size dollop into your palm and rub it on firmly. You’ll experience a rich, smooth, creamy potion with a subtle citrus scent that just feels like luxury. Your razor will glide right through it so easily, you’ll wonder if you’re really shaving. Trust us, you are. And though it’s rich and thick, Liquid Cream Shave washes off quickly, easily and cleanly. No sticky, waxy residue to mess with. The chamomile, olive fruit oil, and calendula in Liquid Cream Shave give your skin a natural, moisturized shimmer!

3.) After Shave and Face Tonic goes on next. Tightens and cools. With that great citrus orange scent, it leaves your face in a post-shave happy place. With all the natural, rejuvenating ingredients you’ve come to expect from Lucky Tiger.

4.) Batting cleanup is the Lucky Tiger Moisturizer. Yes, guys’ faces need hydration and smoothing agents to stay in shape. The Moisturizer keeps all the great qualities you’ve attained with the first three Lucky Tiger Essential Grooming Kit products—clean face, clean shave, rejuvenated skin— intact. Smooth, supple, freshened and ready to take on the rest of the day. Scent-free and made with premium natural ingredients that skin cells crave – including shea butter, vitamin E, and sage leaf – Lucky Tiger Moisturizer puts it all together.

Congratulations! You’ve completed the Lucky Tiger Essential Grooming process with flying colors. Do this every day and feel like a million bucks. Or even a million cryptocurrency units. Or casino chips.

Great looking and super feeling skin is proof positive there’s a better way to get your game face on. The Lucky Tiger way.

You lucky guy.


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